Knee Replacement

It is where portions of the bones that form the knee joint are removed and replaced with artificial implants. It is performed primarily to relieve knee pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis.

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Regarding knee stiffness and extensor lag after surgery

Its has been more than 4 months after my surgery was done for removal of GCT from right distal femur region of my right knee. I am able to bend my legs till 120 degrees but the movement is stil not free the bending starts from 105 degrees and goes upto 120 degrees as i do more repetition. Also in extension i have a lag of 20 degrees i can extend my legs till 160 degrees actively and passively i can do till 180. I am continuing with my physiotheraphy excercise regularly.

Kindly let me know the next steps and any timeline by which i should achieve full movement both in extension and flexion. 

how can we avoid knee replacement surgery ?

knee replacement is very succesful surgery and most of the time results are very good. It is done when you have knee arthritis and can not walk or sit. Knee replacement should be done when patient really need it . You can read following points before making any decison for knee replacement.

1. Always try medicines and injection first because some time you can get good pain relief. 

2. Always try physiotherapy first. 

3.some time life style chnages is also important. 

4.patient should be otherwise fit. If he is very old , obese or un controlled diabetes or other medical problem can make our results poor or patient can be unfit for surgery.

5. Skin disease or any allergy should be rule out. If skin dissease has any problem around knee skin then it can cause infection.

so check all these parameters. if it is ok then only patient should plan for knee replacement. Do not rush for surgery. 

Dr Naveen sharma

Tibia bone tut Gai h to kitne manth Mai thik hogi or surgery hogi ya nhi 


Dear sir 4.5 mahine ke baad dr. Ab kah raha hai ki isme haddi ka burada dalega dusre dr. Bhi ye kah rahe ki kulhe ki haddi nikal kar isme dalni padhegi ya phir ye jo febula bone judh gayi hai isko dobara broke karna padhega aur tibia bone ka dobara treatment karna padhega 2 solution bata rahe hai kya ye plate haddi ko nahi judhne de rahi ya koi aur baat hai febula to judh gayi tibia ka kya kiya jaye ya phir ye tablet khane se thik ho jayegi 

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