Shoulder Pain

The most common cause of shoulder pain occurs when rotator cuff tendons become trapped under the bony area in the shoulder. The tendons become inflamed or damaged.

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Why my shoulder is hurting? I have diabetes ?

Shoulder pain in diabetes is due to frozen shoulder. Patient feels that when ever he tries to lift shoulder or do any movement there is stiffness and pain is more in night time. 

This is called frozen shoulder and it gets relief with following.

1. Medication - pain killer medication can be taken,

2. Hot water fomenation and avoid cool temperature and air conditioners.

3. Steroid injection can be given in shoulder by shoulder specialist when sugar is under control.

4. Physiotherapy is also help ful . It manily works for movements.

5. In rare cases a shoulder arthroscopic adhesiolysis can be done.

best place for shoulder dislocation treatment in India ?

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