Knee Locking

When a knee cannot be bent or straightened, it is called a locked knee. There are two types of locked knees. A true locked knee occurs when the knee joint is literally locked into place and cannot move.

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Vikash raj

Adavance hospital jaipur doctor & satf are so good my ACL surgery 28 June done by dr.naveen Sharma ji now I am felling so happy Dr has given early questions to answers any time I ma so happy with dr 

Regarding knee stiffness and extensor lag after surgery

Its has been more than 4 months after my surgery was done for removal of GCT from right distal femur region of my right knee. I am able to bend my legs till 120 degrees but the movement is stil not free the bending starts from 105 degrees and goes upto 120 degrees as i do more repetition. Also in extension i have a lag of 20 degrees i can extend my legs till 160 degrees actively and passively i can do till 180. I am continuing with my physiotheraphy excercise regularly.

Kindly let me know the next steps and any timeline by which i should achieve full movement both in extension and flexion. 

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