The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the key ligaments that help stabilize the knee joint. The ACL connects the thighbone (femur) to the shinbone (tibia).

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How can you get best results in ACL surgery ?

Hello , ACL ligament is important part of the knee stablity. With the current technology ACL ligament treatment is getting succesful most of the time. I am sharing you some of the important point you should remember so that you do get best results.

1. Always get surgery done at best places where ACL is done daily. You can take information from youtube or facebook or google. Do some research. Remeber that your nearby or most costly hospital is not always the best place.

2. Your knee should have no swelling and bending should be more than 120 to 130 whwn you plan our surgery.

3. Always you should get best quality implant . Do not compromise on poor quality implants or cheap free schemes.

4. Do not delay surgery. After 3 week you can get it done . Some time when surgery is delyed it can cause cartilage damage and meniscus tear also. 

5. Do exercises as told by your dr. If you try to do it fast it can make your graft weak. If it is done very slow it can make your knee stiff. try to stay connected with your physio.

6. Take proper supplements like calcium and cissus .

7. Avoid going in to game to early. Many graft fails as patient rush in to games too ealry.

kya ACL loose ho jata hai ?

Hello friends, my name is Dr. Naveen Sharma and I am a senior consultant in Apollo Hospital, Jaipur, and Advance Hospital, Jaipur. Friends, I am going to present to you, a very important topic today. An important topic, about which a lot of people keep asking me questions and that is - Sir, if we do exercise in wrong way, can our ACL get loose? If yes, why does it happen, and what needs to be taken care of? And does ACL actually gets loose or not? Greetings, friends!! ACL is such a ligament that joints the upper bone femur with the lower bone Tibia. And friends, I have been working on this ligament for the last 15 years. We started doing ACL in 2005 or 2006. Very few people in India treated ACL at that time. When we started this in Mumbai, very few people had proper information about this ligament, friends. It has been 17 years now.

Friends, all this time, I have personally never seen an ACL getting loose. But, I keep getting studies done by other people and based on those, I have figured out some reasons why an ACL can get loose. The main reason, I found out, for the ACL getting loose is when people haste in doing exercises. Friends, every person wants to have a shortcut. He will delay the operation by 6 months or a year. But what they wish is that the moment they enter doctor's chamber, immediately my operation should happen and the next day itself, they become Spiderman. This haste can prove to be harmful to you. If you go slow and steady...Like I always tell my patients that this is "The hare and the tortoise race" and we have to become a tortoise. Being a tortoise does not mean that you don't progress at all even in 6 months. If you go step by step, inch by inch...

If you start bending in 1.5 to 2 months, your ACL will not get loose.

But, what people do... They go home, watch some video of a foreigner, or an Indian patient, or any wrestler/body-builder and start bending their knees with jerks. Friends, this is a big reason why ACL gets loose.

The second reason can be thin graft. Friends, Sometimes a very thin graft is implanted. You are told that this is proper for you...

So, the low strength of the graft can also be a reason for the ACL getting loose. Friends, Sometimes, people think that new technology has come like Inside, Outside, Westside, Downside...And the graft does not get loose if implanted through these. It is not true. Friends, In case of graft...Imagine you are planting a tree/plant. So, you have to take care of the plant for the first 1.5-2 months. You put a tree guard to protect it from animals and supply water and fertilizers. And it is safe when it becomes a strong tree. The same applies to the ACL ligament. Take care of it for the first 1.5/2 to 3 months. Don't haste. Don't start jumping in haste. Once it gets strong, play football or Kabaddi, and it won't get loose. Friends, some people get scared after watching negative videos saying that your ACL will get loose... We stay away from all this and the purpose of our channel is to spread positivity. Because I believe that there is a lot of power in positive thoughts. Friends, if you are watching some video and getting scared about your ACL getting loose,

Then how can you find out whether it has got loose or not? Some people call everyone around and start moving and stretching their legs to check.

And damage the ACL which was actually normal. My first suggestion is, never to try testing Anterior Drawer and Lachman test at home. Because it can harm you. Don't try to become a doctor at home. Do the exercises as per your doctor's instructions. Some people get their MRI done in haste.

They want some proof about their ACL being OK. But friends, there is a proper time for everything. If something needs 6 months, it will take 6 months. How can you get a result in 2 months, which is bound to happen in 6 months? Shortcuts can be harmful to you.

In such cases, it is important to consult a doctor with whom you have full confidence. And his daily guidance can make a lot of difference.

It grooms the confidence in you and removes the negative thoughts.

Friends, sometimes, people are so scared that I have to counsel them for 1 to 2 hours to convince them. This happens because they take information from the wrong sources. Whenever you gather information about ACL, take it from authentic doctors only. Talk to them personally and then you will know. Don't try to become a doctor and take information from the wrong sources. This will always scare you about ACL getting loose. But, if Graft No. 9 is used and Bio screw No. 10 or 11 is used... And if strong exercise is done and my guidance is followed. I promise you that your ACL will never get loose. And the proof is the 10000 ACL cases that we have done in the past 15-16 years. We have never faced an ACL getting loose to date. So, why are these successful? Proper guidance to patients, teaching proper physiotherapy step by step...Using high-quality, branded medicines...Giving high-quality calcium and exercises. Advising with a full guarantee. All these things avoid any communication gap between me and my patients. And this is the reason why this hospital is among the most successful hospitals in India. Friends, don’t be scared. If you have got your surgery from elsewhere, but need my guidance, you can contact me on the below-mentioned numbers. Your ACL will not get loose. And even if it does, I will tighten it like before with the help of exercises. This is my promise to you.

Greetings, friends...

Why infection is zero in Advance hospital, Jaipur in ACLand shoulder surgery ?

Hello friends, in this channel providing information about orthopaedics and especially ACL ligaments. I, Dr. Naveen Sharma, welcome you all.

Friends, today in this video, we will discuss a very important topic.

And that's, how the rate of infection in ACL cases is ZERO in our hospital. Friends, at our place, in the last 15 years, we have had more than 10,000 cases of ACL. But still, in no case, we have had the problem of infection. So, how do we control the infection and save you from infection. I am going to discuss this in this video in detail.

Friends, Infection is a severe problem. If there is an infection in the ACL graft, then multiple surgeries are required to be done.

Sometimes the graft fails. In fact, in crowded hospitals, this is the most common cause of unsuccessful ACL. So, why actually, does infection happen in ACL - I will discuss this in detail and what are the ways to avoid this infection and how we are infection free - that also I will share with you. Friends, the best way to avoid infection is to stay away from infection. When COVID spread, you all know, that we were told to stay at home so that you avoid contact infection and the chain breaks

In the same way, we have some rules in our hospital that we don't let any infected patients in our Operation theatres. This means that if an infected patient needs to be treated, we do that in another hospital.

But, we never treat any infected patient in the operation theatre of our hospital because, there is a chance, that if you treat an infected patient, then that infection can be spread to other patients. So, we keep our infected OT and infected hospital separate and hence we block the bacteria to enter our hospital, at the entry-level itself. The second way is the usage of high branded Anti-biotic. Friends, we should not use anti-biotics too much. But, we use a single anti-biotic in high quality and high volume. We never try new- new anti-biotics. We focus on a single anti-biotic and select a broad spectrum anti-biotic and that is used at our place. Not thinking of low quality or cost cutting, we only use high-quality brands because it depends upon the efficacy of the anti-biotic, what is the brand's quality and how effective it is. Friends, the third way to avoid infection is - If I tell u, why there is no infection at our place - it is the use of disposable items. At many places, friends, the items are re-used because of a shortage of funds or cost-cutting. But, in our hospital, we specifically focus on things like Suction tubes, TURP set, and disposable dressings used in ACL are used as per Use and throw techniques because it has been observed that these things can reduce infection cases to a large extent because the risk of spreading infection from one patient to another is ZERO. The fourth reason at our place is

The ACL graft that we use, we make it vancomycin soaked. Friends, the technology of filling the ACL graft with anti-biotics through Vancomycin soaking, is the latest technology and with the help of this, the infection can be made absolutely ZERO. Friends, there are a lot of hospitals, where that are not able to use this technology and because of that, the infection rate remains high. But, whenever we implant an ACL graft, we use Graft No. 9. We soak it thoroughly in Vancomycin.

So, the anti-biotic remains inside the knee and for 2-3 months, is gradually released. And because of this, the chances of infection become negligible. Friends, we also take care that before the operation, when we prepare and wash hands, we use RO water. Yes, friends, in many hospitals, tap water or tank water is used to scrub hands and a lot of micro-biological studies show that there is a risk of Pseudomonas and Staph MRSA infection in tank water. But, we use RO water at our place, which helps in avoiding a lot of infection. Apart from that, friends, our surgical technology is such that any operation, however big it is, is finished in maximum 30-35 minutes. During the operation, the patient remains exposed to the environment and the chances of infection keep on increasing. If surgery is happening at a place where there is no well-versed team and they take 2, 3, or 4 hours. In such cases, the chances of an infection increase. Moreover, there is a risk of spreading the infection through the patient's own body. For this, we initially do a high-quality examination. So that we can rule out the possibility of urine infection in the patient. Also, whether there is any other source of infection in his body. Friends, this way, these 5-6 important steps we take makes the rate of infection here, absolutely ZERO %. Patients stay here for 2 days and then go home. They don't have to take many medicines too. In spite of all this, we have controlled the infection. Apart from this, if you want any information on any other topic related to ACL.

Please send your reports to the below-mentioned numbers. You can also mention in the comments section, what else you want to know about.

Thanks, friends.

एसीएल सर्जरी के बाद कौन सा घुटने का ब्रेस सबसे अच्छा है?

सर्जरी के शुरुआती 45 दिनों के लिए लंबे घुटने का ब्रेस सबसे अच्छा है। उसके बाद किसी भी घुटने के ब्रेस का उपयोग करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। कुछ डॉ एसीएल सर्जरी के 2 सप्ताह के बाद ROM घुटने के ब्रेस का उपयोग करते हैं लेकिन इसकी आवश्यकता नहीं है। यह भारी और महंगा है, आपको सोने और चलने के दौरान घुटने के ब्रेस पहनने की जरूरत है।

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